Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jingle Bell Hop

Welcome to the AC Bailey Jingle Bell Hop! With the holidays literally around the corner, the AC Bailey Design Team has decided to help Santa (and you) out this year with some fun and easy projects to help make the holiday gift season a bit easier. And just like Santa, we've also gotten some extra help this year and asked some additional elves to help out and post some of their cool projects too! And if that isn't enough help...we've also arranged for some early Black Friday sales just in case you need some products to get the projects completed.

So come out and meet our Elves...check out their projects...leave a comment on their blogs and be eligible for a prize - upload some of your completed projects from any of the tutorials into the AC Bailey gallery and be eligible for another prize! Projects need to be completed and uploaded into the gallery by Tuesday, November 24th at Midnight Eastern to be eligible for a prize

To tell you a little about myself, my name is Amy and I have been a consultant for AC Bailey Designs since this summer. I love this place for both inspiration and friendship. I am so excited to be one of the little elves this holiday season.

Here is what I have for you to make.  There are actually two.  The first one can be used as a bookmark or a photo corner on a Layout.  The second one is a tag card.  I made it for my Mom, and I will be putting it on her Christmas present.
Once you are finished with my blog, leave a comment and hop on over to the next little elf, Christina!!

And Also

For the first one you will need:
1 small piece of cardstock
3 different size flowers
some Glue dots
1 flower centers
1 big paper clip
These are very simple to make.
Step 1 Punch out 2 circles of cardstock
Step 2 Attach the circles on the top of paperclip with a pop-updot.
Step 3 Put together 3 flowers and add the flower center.
Step 4 Attach the flower with the Glue dots.
Step 5 Tie the ribbon around the long part of the paper clip.

For the second one you will need:
1Circle cut out of patterned paper about 3"
1 piece of cardstock about 4" tall by 8" wide and then fold in half. 
2 pieces of ribbon
 and some pretty Stickles

Step 1 Place the circle over the folded cardstock, the fold should be on the left side to make it a card.   Make sure to leave some room at the top for the top of the ornament.  If is also important that you place the circle way to the left of the cardstock so when you trace it you will have a little straight edge making the card. 
Step 2 Trace around the circle.  Then draw a little stem at the top of the circle for the top of the ornament.  And cut it out.  Remember you shouldn't cut the left side completely off or you will not have a card.

 Step 3 Take the black ribbon and put it around the circle and adhere to the back.  Then adhere the circle to the red cardstock.  I made a bow and attached it to the ribbon on the front.  Then I used a little green ric rac ribbon and attached it to the top of the circle.
 Step 4 Use a hole punch and put a hole at the top of the ornament for the ribbon.  I then filled that in with stickles and put some on the bow. 
Step 5 I made some little tags and attached them behind the black ribbon with some glue dots.  Then add some ribbon thru the top of your card and write a sentiment inside and you are done.


  1. So cute!!! very cute for those holiday packages!!

  2. Very cute projects!! Fantastic job with the tutorial!!

  3. I love the book mark and will be making some for Christmas gifts. And what a cute card to top off your gifts. Fantastic job!!

  4. Great add on gifts! I've gotta get some of these built too.

  5. Fab bookmark. I am going to make some for stocking stuffers. Thanks for a fun idea!

  6. cute project...I think those bookmark paperclips would be great for the kids to give to their classmates!! TFS!!

  7. These are so cute! I can see myself making some of those bookmarks for my co-workers. Great tutorials.

  8. Amy, these are so cute. I'm making the paperclips for stocking stuffers and the ornament tag is just too cute. Thanks

  9. I love these and I have some huge paper clips that I found somewhere in my travels. They would make great little projects for my girls!

  10. Love that paper clip...and so easy! can't wait to lift that one!